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Together Bic & Simone created ‘The Lindy Club’ in 2010 with a focus to bring regular classes and events to the local area.
As well as teaching locally, Bic & Simone travel to other scenes around the UK each month where they are invited to share their knowledge of the dance with other communities. 

Dance has always been a part of Simone’s lifestyle. Between the age of 2 and a half and 18 Simone took classes in tap, ballet, jazz and modern dance and performed in many professional shows.

A few years later Simone started Swing Jive classes and eventually became a demonstrator and a taxi dancer for many years.

Then Simone met Bic on a crowded dance floor, discovered Lindy Hop and has never looked back! Their passion for the dance has taken them to many places around the world.

She has been teaching for 7 years now, both locally and around the UK.

Bic has worked in the theatre and dance industry for nearly 25 years.

As with many swing dancers in the UK, Bic’s first introduction to partner dancing was Modern Jive, which he did for over 6 years, demonstrating, helping organise events, DJing and teaching for several organisations on the south coast.

Bic had discovered and become obsessed with Lindy Hop for a while, then met Simone at a dance event, and together they spent every spare moment dedicated to the dance!

He has been teaching for 7 years now, both locally and around the UK.

Tash was introduced to Lindy Hop through a friend, but it was only after moving to Southampton in January 2014 that she joined a beginners course as a way of meeting new people. After just 6 weeks of learning with The Lindy Club she fell in love with Lindy Hop and so was lucky to find someone to practice with who was equally as keen - Steve Head - and so they became dance partners. 

They joined "The Lindy Club Muskrats" dance troupe in 2015, and have performed at a variety of vintage fairs, weddings and dance camps. Tash has since attended Lindy Hop camps in the UK, USA and Greece, and has had the pleasure of teaching beginners courses since January 2016. She has a background of dancing, attending Ballet, Jazz and Modern classes from the age of 3, and so is delighted to continue dancing, under the fantastic tuition of Bic and Simone.

Steve started Lindy Hop on a beginner’s course after moving to Chandlers Ford. With no previous dance experience, it was only meant to be a taster. After the first few weeks though, the love was already growing. When a follow asked for a dance and didn't care about the lack of experience, Steve found the joy of social dancing and the great environment created by the people in the classes.

During the beginner’s course, Steve met Tash and they started dancing together. They were later invited to join "The Lindy Club Muskrats" and have been teaching together since January 2016.

Now Steve has a mild obsession with Lindy Hop, trying to do as much as possible. Whether it dance camps, performances, festivals or just music playing in the streets he’ll find somewhere to swing out.

Jo was introduced to Bic and Simone's Lindy Hop class in late 2014. It wasn't long before she was hooked, performing and attending as many classes and weekend camps as possibly.
Jo spent her younger years in a pair of tap shoes and also trained in jazz, ballet, modern and contemporary dance. She joined the Lindy Hop Muscrats in 2015 and has had the good fortune of dancing with a variety of great partners.
In class Jo has a quiet nature and a big smile. Tap is a major influence within her dance style and she enjoys playing with different rhythms when on the dance floor. Jo loves the stretch and release, playfulness and connection elements of Lindy and is keen to pass on these techniques of this addictive dance style.
When Jo's not Lindy hopping you'll find her out on her kayak on the river Hamble.

Before learning Lindy Hop Juan claims he would only put a foot on a dancefloor if it was on his way to the bar or the toilet.
Juan used to play rugby until a clavicle injury took him off the pitch. While recovering from surgery, a friend recommended that he joined Bic and Simone’s new classes in Southampton and since then, he has not stopped hopping!
Juan is committed to supporting people to develop, re-discover and better themselves both in his classes and through his profession as a Cognitive-Behaviour Therapist.
Juan has been teaching beginners courses for over a year helping new dancers to lose the same fears that kept him away from dancing. A friendly ambience, laughs and clear instructions are guaranteed in his classes. 

Josie got her first taste of Lindy Hop after dragging her boyfriend Rob along to The Lindy Club beginners course. Three years later, Josie and Rob are still lindy hopping (a lot more willingly) and dancing in The Lindy Club muskrats dance troupe.

Josie loves the welcoming atmosphere of Lindy Hop socials, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who have something in common. Having minimal previous dance experience before Lindy Hop, she particularly enjoys the teaching style at The Lindy Club that has allowed her to learn so much, and looks forward to spreading the joy of Lindy Hop with more new dancers. 

Prior to joining the Lindy Club, Rob had no dance experience other than the odd night out at bars and clubs. Initially he was reluctant and terrified of the prospect of learning a partner dance, but after careful persuasion from Josie he signed up to join a beginners course.

Rob quickly found that the he loved Lindy Hop and was soon trying out new dance moves with both new and experienced followers. He joined the Muskrat troupe in January 2016 where Rob and Josie now perform at various events around the country. Rob is excited to join the teaching team and help others find their Lindy Hop dancing feet.

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