Shine levels

Choose the level that best describes you 
You do not need to be the same level for the solo jazz classes and the routine

If you have never ventured into solo jazz very much or in fact ever, this is the level for you.

Not yet tried or mastered the Shim Sham but had a go at some jazz steps? 
This is the level for you. The classes will move at a gentle pace so you can really develop your relationship with solo jazz.

If you have tried the Tranky Doo and mastered the Shim Sham, this is the level for you. 
You need to be familiar with most jazz steps and ready to focus on technique.

This level is for Big Apple ability and above. Be prepared to work! 
Solo jazz is within your comfort zone and you are ready to focus on stylisation and break down the usual patterns into something new.

** SHINE at the Sunday Tea Dance! **
You will have the opportunity to showcase the choreography you learn over the weekend at the tea dance on Sunday to help you develop your performance skills. Don’t panic ... this is not compulsory!

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